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Tapose: Collaborative Content Creation with Multitasking Built in!

Tapose What it is: Tapose is a fantastic (currently the BEST I’ve seen) journaling app for the iPad.  Tapose goes above and beyond the other journal apps that I’ve seen with a few key features: It offers customization- When a student creates a new journal, they can choose a custom cover for the journal and […]

Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa

Application: Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa What it is: Now this, my friends, is what I’m talking about!  Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa is everything an educational kids app should be.  The app is truly spectacular with animations, quests, puzzles, games, excellent graphics, fantastic storyline and plenty of ways for kids to engage […]


Application: Tales2Go What it is: Tales 2 Go is a fantastic app that brings stories to life and sparks kids imaginations by introducing them to audio stories from leading narrators and storytellers.  Tales2Go makes anytime story time!  Students have on-demand and unlimited access to over 1,300 books and stories from leading authors and storytellers.  The […]

eduPad-create custom applications!

Application builder: eduPad– Your e-learning app on the App Store. No coding required! What it is: Ever had an idea for an app?  eduPad lets you create your very own e-learning app on the App Store without any coding!  Create your own great educational content using the provided text and Excel templates.  eduPad integrates and publishes […]

Bookster: Storytelling Application

Application: Bookster What it is: Bookster is a free read-along storytelling application that reads to students, records and plays their voices, and teaches vocabulary.  Bookster is what kids ebooks should be; complete with high-quality illustrations, narration for kids by kids, a record mode that records as they read out loud, and an easy to use […]

Slide By Slide

Application: Slide By Slide What it is: Slide by Slide is an application that lets students search and view presentations from  In landscape mode students can view the presentation ad and distraction free.  In portrait mode, students will see the description along with the presentation.  Students can easily access the history of slide shows […]

Junaio: Augmented Reality

Application: Junaio What it is: Junaio is an augmented reality browser application for the iPhone, currently the iPhone is the only available device but I suspect that with the addition of the camera in the iPodTouch, the app may soon be available for it as well.  First a definition for those of you unfamiliar with […]

87 Free ebooks from Kaplan Publishing

Application: iBooks free eBooks from Kaplan Publishing What it is: For a limited time, Kaplan Publishing is offering free ebooks (87 of them)!  Find ebooks for teachers; medical, law, and business students, study aids, biographies, family and relationships, and more. How Kaplan ebooks can enrich learning: These ebooks are a great place to start your […]

Transform Any Text into a Spoken Track

Did you know that you can transform any text in almost any program into a spoken track on iTunes using your Mac?  You can, and it is extraordinarily easy to do! First you need to adjust a setting in your System Preferences: 1. Open System Preferences 2. Click the Keyboard icon 3. Select the Keyboard […]


What it is: ARIS , which stands for Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling, is one of the most innovative applications I have come across.  The application is still in development so all of the functionality isn’t available within the application just yet, but it is such an incredible application that I had to share it […]

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