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eduPad-create custom applications!

Application builder: eduPad– Your e-learning app on the App Store. No coding required! What it is: Ever had an idea for an app?  eduPad lets you create your very own e-learning app on the App Store without any coding!  Create your own great educational content using the provided text and Excel templates.  eduPad integrates and publishes […]

Apple Does it Right

Cross Post from Dreams of Education From Flickr: I just finished reading and commenting on “Why I’d Rather Have a ‘Limited’ iPod/iPad in My Classroom Than a Netbook” over at Mr. Keenan’s blog, Mobile Devices in Education.  The past few posts on Dreams of Education have been about making school a place where students […]

87 Free ebooks from Kaplan Publishing

Application: iBooks free eBooks from Kaplan Publishing What it is: For a limited time, Kaplan Publishing is offering free ebooks (87 of them)!  Find ebooks for teachers; medical, law, and business students, study aids, biographies, family and relationships, and more. How Kaplan ebooks can enrich learning: These ebooks are a great place to start your […]

Educational Discount for Bulk App Purchase

Last week Apple updated the developer app sale agreement allowing developers to offer their applications at a 50% discount to educational institutions.  This would give schools the ability to load apps on multiple devices for students and faculty.  The hope is that developers will take this incentive to sell apps at a discount.  The discount […]

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