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What it is:  mobimaths is a brand new math app for iOS and Android devices.  I love the mission of mobimaths: to move away from textbooks and rote memorization and toward real world problems with an emphasis on communication and collaboration.  It doesn’t get better than that!  I wish more education app developers would take note and follow suite!  The app has great learning tools including the angle of elevation tool, the outside distance tool, the angle of rotation tool, the inside distance tool and the visual mapping tool.  There is also a rods game that focuses on fractions, decimals and percentages.

The current version of mobimaths for iDevices is a lite, free version.  It includes the angles and distance tools.  The Visual Mapping tool that is coming will allow learners to take a picture and overlay a grid to work out ratios and areas.  Students will be able to move and resize the grid and add points on the grid to measure area.  On the mobimaths website, you will find fantastic lesson ideas for using mobimaths to learn.  Math teachers will love this launching off point, I’m sure you all will come up with new brilliant ideas for using the apps in your math classroom.

How mobimaths can enrich learning: mobimaths is a great addition to the math class.  Just like a protractor, ruler, or compass this app aids students in measurement.  I like that the app doesn’t focus on drill and kill (the way so many math apps do), instead it acts as a tool to make learning more authentic.  There are some fantastic lesson plans on the mobimaths website, but the sky is really the limit.  If you teach measurement, this app can be used by students to get them out of the textbook and applying their learning to the world around them.  Currently the lessons include: an angle of elevation activity, angle of elevation exercise, and trigonometry activity guide.

Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iOS 4.2 or later

Price: Free (premium version coming) iTunes link

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