Ubooly- iPhone/iPad plush toy

What it is: Ubooly is a new stuffed toy that comes to life with the help of an iPhone or iPad.  This is one smart toy! Every month, interactive content is downloaded over wifi to keep Ubooly fresh and engaging.  Content includes games, stories and adventures.  The goal: “to get kids excited to learn through engaging content.”  Your iDevice becomes the animated face of the Ubooly.  Ubooly works like Siri- only it is cuter!  The initial download will include over 4 hours of content including games, jokes and stories.  Later, additional content packs will be available as in app purchases.  In addition to the app, Ubooly has an online lab where kids can train their toy to learn new languages, play games and make treats.  Over time, the online world will include educational content that encourages children to learn through discovery.  Ubooly is active play. It is engaging. It leads kids to critical thinking.
In the next 13 days, you have the opportunity to help make Ubooly a reality.  Right now this fantastic little creature is on Kickstarter, waiting for funding. They are SO close! If innovative learning solutions resonate with you, help bring Ubooly to life!
How to integrate Ubooly into the classroom:  My mind is racing with the possibilities that this kind of learning brings to the classroom.  Your students have a personal learning side kick!  I love the way Ubooly can be customized by the child. From the face that displays on the screen to the lab where students can train their Ubooly, there are opportunities for the learning side kick to be exactly what every child needs them to be.  Imagine those students who are hesitant to read aloud because they aren’t confident in their skills.  What would a learning side-kick who doesn’t judge them do for their confidence and willingness to practice?  HUGE!
Ubooly could become a great catalyst for individualized learning in the classroom. A “second teacher” for students.  A new blended learning model.  A new learning as play model.  Way cool!
The other implication: Ubooly would be fantastic for students on the autistic spectrum or with social/emotional struggles.  Ubooly is a great bridge for communication for them!
Support Ubooly now and help make this new way of learning a possibility for all students!

Please leave a comment and share ideas you have for using Ubooly in your classroom.

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