Math Girl Addition House

Application: Math Girl Addition House

What it is: Another great math app for girls! Math Girl Addition House is a great alternative to flash cards for math practice, this math practice app will have girls enjoying math and working on addition fact recall in no time.  Girls can build their own customized playhouse by adding flowers. Students will add numbers from 1+1 to 99+9 by exploring groupings of flowers.  Even better? If you have the Math Girl Number Garden app the garden and house can be synced together!

In Addition House students will:

  • Count flowers in patterns, add flowers.
  • Improve recall by recognizing patterns.
  • Earn hearts for correct answers.
  • Replay levels to earn more hearts. (12 levels in all!)
  • Use the hearts earned to “buy” items for the playhouse.
  • “Sell” items to upgrade to bigger items.
  • Play in and save the playhouse.
  • Save houses for up to 4 players within the app.
  • Sync to the Number Garden app to view your house and garden.

How Math Girl Addition House can enrich learning: Math Girl Addition House is a fact practice app that will keep girls practicing.  The cute graphics and ability to “buy” things for their playhouse will keep them working to get faster at their math recall so they build out their playhouse.  The game is made up of twelve levels that get progressively harder.  Students begin in single digits, progressing to speed rounds, double digits, and adding doubles.  The app is brilliant in the way that it helps girls think about numbers in patterns, no more adding with fingers!

Devices: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Link)

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