Piano Music Scores: Master’s Collection

**Full disclosure: I received a promo code from the developer to provide feedback on this app.

Application: Piano Music Scores: Master’s Collection

What it is: Piano Music Scores: Master’s Collection is a music score reader with excellent additional features.  In addition to more than 3,000 piano music scores (20,000+ pages) you will find detailed composer biographies, instantly watch YouTube videos for any piano score, a built-in sound recorder to analyze a performance, a place to save your favorites for easier access, an audio/visual metronome, built-in Facebook integration, and the ability to upload PDF music scores using iTunes.  The collection of music in the scores provided is very complete including pieces by more than 130 composers including Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart.  This app will save you from constantly purchasing expensive sheet music, it is an all in one solution.  If students are struggling with a piece, they can immediately watch hundreds of videos of others playing the piece.  Students can instantly record and analyze their performance with the built-in recorder.    The scores can be shared via email or Facebook with friends.  Every piece of music is linked to a Wikipedia article making it especially useful in the study of composers.  The built-in metronome can be easily set and then hidden to view the score behind it.  The app is well designed to fit your needs.  Each score sheet was scanned in making them a little less than digital crisp, but all are clear and can be easily read.  Not being a piano player myself, I asked some music teachers to help me review the app and give me their feedback.  Overall they were all very impressed with the application, especially marveling over the low price for such an incredible collection of scores.  They appreciated the built-in metronome, easy search options, and the easy record features.  All also commented on the ease of use, and the fantastic ability to learn more about composers directly within the application.

How Piano Music Scores: Master’s Collection can enrich learning: This app is a great addition to the music classroom.  The application is comprehensive and can be used for everything from providing sheet music, to researching and learning about composers, to watching videos of concertmasters, to recording and analyzing their own music.  Students who are working on pieces together will enjoy the Facebook integration where they can share scores.

Devices: iPad

Price: $12.99 (iTunes Link)**

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2 Responses to “Piano Music Scores: Master’s Collection”

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  2. Daniel says:

    It’s exactly the music score app I’ve been looking for. Saves me so much time and money looking for scores elsewhere. Can’t believe I can get so many music sheets for such a price. Highly recommend it!

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