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87 Free ebooks from Kaplan Publishing

Application: iBooks free eBooks from Kaplan Publishing What it is: For a limited time, Kaplan Publishing is offering free ebooks (87 of them)!  Find ebooks for teachers; medical, law, and business students, study aids, biographies, family and relationships, and more. How Kaplan ebooks can enrich learning: These ebooks are a great place to start your […]

Transform Any Text into a Spoken Track

Did you know that you can transform any text in almost any program into a spoken track on iTunes using your Mac?  You can, and it is extraordinarily easy to do! First you need to adjust a setting in your System Preferences: 1. Open System Preferences 2. Click the Keyboard icon 3. Select the Keyboard […]

Dragon Dictation

Application: Dragon Dictation What it is: Dragon Dictation is a speech to text application.  To use it, students speak into the microphone and their speech is converted to text.  The accuracy is impressive, even with difficult words or background noise.  Students can use Dragon Dictation to compose notes, email messages, or status updates for a […]

Adding PDF Formatted ebooks to iBooks

Apple recently updated iBooks so that PDF documents could be read natively directly in the iBooks application.  It is simple to add a PDF to the iBook bookshelf from iTunes with 5 easy steps: 1. Connect your device to a computer. 2. Click on the Books icon in your iTunes Library in the left side […]

Educational Discount for Bulk App Purchase

Last week Apple updated the developer app sale agreement allowing developers to offer their applications at a 50% discount to educational institutions.  This would give schools the ability to load apps on multiple devices for students and faculty.  The hope is that developers will take this incentive to sell apps at a discount.  The discount […]


What it is: ARIS , which stands for Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling, is one of the most innovative applications I have come across.  The application is still in development so all of the functionality isn’t available within the application just yet, but it is such an incredible application that I had to share it […]


Application: Flipboard What it is: Flipboard is an iPad application that takes social media and turns it into a personalized digital magazine.  The way that Flipboard displays feeds is absolutely stunning.  Flipboard lets you flip through Facebook and Twitter feeds or follow a specific Twitter list or user.  With Flipboard you can like, comment on, […]

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